Water Baths Shaker Multifunctional FWS-30

৳ 150,000.00

Model: FWS-30
Brand: Hinotek
Origin: China


Multifunctional Water Baths Shaker

Low noise and steady reciprocating oscillating water bath cultivation equipment.

  • Large-screen background LCD, shows the measured value, set value and the setting time and the remaining time.
  • High-precision temperature control. resume operation automatically if power off unexpectedly.
  • High – precision speed control: PID feedback control, motor speed stable and accurate, slow start design, automatically locked after speed out of control, adjustable start speed prevent splashing of shaking bottle liquid.
  • Tube rack and water bath flask seat for standard configuration, with function of water bath.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model FWS-30
Mode Reciprocating oscillation + thermostatic water bath
Operating Temp. Range RT – 100°C
Tem. Resolution Ratio 0.1°C
Tem. Motion ± 0.1°C
Tem. Uniformity ± 0.2°C
Reciprocal Oscillation Amplitude 16 or 24mm(Ex-factory is 24mm)
Reciprocating Frequency Range 20 -200 (r/min)
Reciprocating Frequency Accuracy ± 1rpm
Water Tank Mirror stainless steel
Outer Shell Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Upper Cover Mirror stainless steel
Insulating Layer Polyurethane
Heater Stainless Steel Heater
Driving Mode Crankshaft+ double link + four wheels
Power rating 1.5KW
Tem. Control Mode
LCD PID Intelligent control
Reciprocating Control Mode
Setting Mode Touch button setting
Tem. Display Mode
LCD Display
Speed Display Mode
Timer 0 – 9999 min
Operation Function Fixed value operation, timing function, auto stop, quiokly stop start
Temperature Sensor Pt100
Speed Sensor Hoare
Additional Function Deviation correction, menu keys locked, power-off memory
Safety device over temperature alarm, menu locked, water full or shortage protection, Motor shaft lock protection
Water Tank Size (W*L*H))mm) 500*310*200
Exterior Size (W*L*H)(mm) 828*360*425
Packing size (W*L*H)(mm) 908*440*505
Spring Shock Basket Size (mm) 395*250
Shock Basket Largest Single Size (ml/piece) 100ml*12/250*8/500*6
Inside Volume 31L
Shock Basket Bearing 5kg/layer
Current Rating (50Hz) AC220V/6.8A
NW/GW (kg) 20/30
Accessories Water bath flask seat, tube rack


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