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Laboratory Equipment & Instrument Suppliers in Bangladesh

FAIRS Traders is an All-Laboratory equipment and instruments, chemical reagent, glassware, pharmaceuticals raw materials  Sellers, Importers suppliers in Bangladesh. We are supply of all kinds of Scientific Laboratory Equipment’s like: School, College, University, Research Institute, Dying & Knitting in Bangladesh.

FAIRS Traders is an Supply of Scientific Laboratory Equipment’s or Instrument’s Testing materials, lab Glassware & lab plastic ware, Textile testing equipment’s, Pharmaceuticals Instruments & Chemical, Industrial QC product, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Physics, Instruments and Chemical and Water Testing Equipment’s or Kits, Environmental and Fisheries in Bangladesh.

FAIRS Traders is an Supply of Scientific Laboratory Equipment’s or Instrument’s like: Weight Scales, Analytical Balance, Platform Scales, Laboratory Machineries, all Meters in Laboratory. We are Tenderer and Consultant of Government Institution and Organizations of Project in Bangladesh.

Best After Sells Service Support  of Scientific laboratory Equipment’s Company in Bangladesh:

We have qualified skilled Engineers and trained Technicians and work shop to provide Prompt & effective after sales services. Under normal operation we take the responsibility for the after-sale service.

We make sure the warranty that all items proposed to be supply are new, unused, current model and the incorporate all resent improvement in design and materials. We also guarantee that the all items propose to be supply are free from defects in design, materials, and workmanship.

We are providing IQ, OQ, PQ, Warranty & Guarantee Letter Certificate.

Our preferred area of Works:

We are capable to supply and support for all Scientific laboratory products in Bangladesh. We also preferred Food Industries, Different University & College laboratory projects, health & safety materials and cement Industries testing lab items in Bangladesh.

Best Scientific Laboratory Equipment’s, Instruments Seller in Dhaka,Bangladesh

FAIRS Traders in an Online Shop. We are Importers and Suppliers in all types of scientific equipment and instruments, lab instruments, chemical reagent, glassware pharmaceuticals raw materials etc. we provide anything and everything of any materials related to scientific industries/laboratories/pharmaceuticals.five hundred or more of lab instruments such as Weight Scales, Analytical Balance, Platform Scales, Laboratory Machineries, COD Analyzer, BOD Meter, Colorimeter, BOD Incubator/Incubator, Autoclave, Digital Balance, Data-Logger, Colony Counter, Bio Safety Cabinet, Laboratory Oven, Digital Oven, Oven, Drying Oven, pH meter Benchtop/pH meter, DO Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Conductivity Meter/EC/TDS Meter, Laminar Air Flow Cabinet, Burette Digital, Microscope/Microscope Camera,  Fume Hood, Spectrophotometer, Gel Documentation System, Gel Dryer, Gel Electrophoresis, Plant Growth Chamber, Moisture Analyser,  Muffle Furnace, Muti Parameter, Micro Balance, Hardness Test Kits, Centrifuge Machine, Soxhlet Apparatus, Seed Counter Machine, Vortex Meter, Water Bath, Water Distiller Plant, Water Purification System, Thermometer, Shaker orbital/Shaker, Stability/Humidity Chamber, Sterilizer, Rotary Evaporator, Laboratory Microscope, Hating Mantle, Homogenizer, Hotplate & Stirrer, Lab Furniture in Laboratory Glassware & Instruments supply in BD.

Qualified Products & No Compromise: 

We hopefully, we are always providing the best quality Scientific Laboratory Equipment for our end. We are not compromising on product quality. We always try to supply our clients with the original Brand & Quality tested products with services; Scientific Laboratory equipment in Bangladesh online store.

How to Buy/Order Our Product: 

We are supply & Tender with Indenting based company in Bangladesh. We supply our products all over Bangladesh with our own transport and Bangladeshi many courier services. So, if you send a Purchase Order, we will deliver your ordered products to your premises. Or you can buy our products from our physical shop or you can place your order online through this website. This is online scientific Equipment and Glassware store also.

Stay in Touch: 

We would like to get a good feedback from you regarding our goods, which will be considered as an educational for us. Keep in touch with us and feel free to share your valuable comments or suggestions. Call Us please at our Hotline: +8801718-149916, +8801712-705902 (10:00am to 8:00pm); Saturday to Thursday except for govt. holidays.

If you not find your desired products on this website, please email
fairs.traders@gmail.com or call Hotline: +8801718-149916, +8801712-705902 (10:00am to 8:00pm).