Heating Mantle with Regulator Control Model: MS-E-104

৳ 22,500.00

Max. temperature: 450 °C
Capacity: 1000ml
Model.: MS-E-104
Brand: Mtops
Country: Korea


**Heating mantles for round bottom flask
**Max. temperature 450℃
**Analog temperature controller
**Ceramic fiber with strong thermal resistance


Heating mantle of the standard type with built-in temperature controller and easy to use
Heating temperature is controlled by analog temperature controller and controlled effectively from low temperature to high temperature.
Inner mantle part of the heating element consist of the soft glass fiber, protect from damage of the flask and excellent contact between the heating element and flask and heating effectiveness is excellent
“Power On” and “Heater On” indicating lamp
Ceramic fiber with strong thermal-resistance has excellent thermal insulation and double housing design (E05~E107) maintains low temperature of the mantle surface for user’s safety
With thermal resistance and durability bearing at the inner temperature over 450’C, strong aluminum housing and powder coating with corrosion-proof
CE certified

General Specification:

Heating Element Temperature : Up to 450℃ max
Temp. Controller : Analog temperature controller (Built-in K type sensor)
Thermal Insulation : Ceramic fiber
Mantle : Powder coated aluminum case
Body : Polypropylene
Indicator Lamps : Green- “Power on”, Yellow- “Heater on”
Support Rod Clamp : For 12.7mm dia. Support rods. (with100ml ~5000ml)
Support Rod : Stainless steel Ø12.7×400mm(Option)
Power Supply : 220V or 110V 50/60 Hz
Model Capacity Watts Dimensions Internal Weight (Kg)
W x D x H(mm) (height : mm)
E 05 50ml 60 162×256×134 45 1.2
E 101 100ml 80 162×256×134 45 1.2
E 102 250ml 150 162×256×147 60 1.3
E 103 500ml 260 192×276×162 75 1.6
E 104 1000ml 380 214×298×172 85 1.9
E 105 2000ml 500 248×332×199 115 2.5
E 106 3000ml 600 274×358×205 125 3.2
E 107 5000ml 800 316×400×229 145 3.6
E 108 10000ml 1300 395×265 8
E 109 20000ml 2000 460×290 11.4

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