Hanna Total Hardness Test Kit HI3812

৳ 3,500.00

Model: HI3812

Brand: Hanna Instruments

Country of Origin: USA

Hardness Test Kit 100 Test Per Box

The HI3812 is a chemical test kit that measures total hardness as CaCO3 by titration with EDTA. The HI3812 is supplied complete with all of the reagents and equipment necessary to perform approximately 100 tests.

  • Pre-made reagents for ease of use
  • All reagents marked with expiration date and lot number for traceability
  • Manual titration performed with calmagite indicator



Specification Name Detail
SKU HI3812
Type titration
Smallest Increment 0.3 mg/L (ppm); 3 mg/L (ppm)
Method EDTA
Number of Tests 100 avg.
Ordering Information HI3812 test kit comes with 30 mL hardness buffer, 10 mL calmagite indicator, 120 mL EDTA solution, 20 mL plastic beaker with cap, 50 mL plastic beaker with cap and 1 mL syringe with tip.
Reagent HI3812-100
Total Hardness Range 0.0-30.0 mg/L (ppm); 0-300 mg/L (ppm)


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