Carbon Rod For Electrolysis in Chemistry Lab

৳ 120.00

Carbon Rod For Electrolysis 1 Piece


High Carbon Graphite Rod with Terminal For Electrolysis in Chemistry Laboratory

  • High-temperature resistance and the melting point is 3850±50°C, the boiling point is 4250.
  • Low ash content, high purity, avoiding pollution to your products.
  • Graphite material is easy to machine into any shapes you like.
  • High mechanical strength
  • Size: 12mm Dia, 15 cm Carbon Length & 1 cm Terminal
  • Good sliding properties
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High thermal shock and chemical resistance
  • Low wettability
  • High corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance
  • Good electrical conductivity
  • High density and high mechanical strength
  • Proper electrical conductivity


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