Alcohol Refractometer 0-80% V/V Handheld Wine Hydrometer

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This Refractometer specifically quickly determines the alcohol content of wine, beer, juices, whisky, vodka, and a variety of liquors. RHW-80ATC works with distilled liquids such as wheat beer and red wine but supplies the best results in distilled alcoholic solutions in all kinds of pure alcohol such as clear, grans, and liquor grain. Measure the alcohol content accurately in seconds! All you need to do is manufacture a distillate of the liquids to be measured, and then place the distilled sample on the prism. The measuring procedure isn’t difficult, just clean the alcohol refractometer before using it & once the distilled sample liquid is in place make sure that no air bubbles are appearing. FULLY EQUIPPED with ATC. Many of the refractometers on the market are made of plastic. However, people who work with alcoholic beverages or industrial fluids on a regular basis believe that metal refractometers provide more accurate measurements and that they simply stand up better over time and provides you with fast, accurate results – the very same characteristics that you get with all our Refractometers. If you brew your own wine, you’ll find that measuring, monitoring, and controlling the concentration of grape must present is a simple task with this high-quality, handheld 0-80% alcohol refractometer. Measure the concentration of alcohol in wines and water solutions Ideal for field use – the refractometer has ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) for precise measurement without having to re-calibrate after changes in ambient working temperature. Benefits: Adjustable manual focusing Rubberized grip handle Soft rubber eyepiece for comfortable viewing Calibration screw ATC – Automatic Temperature Compensation The alcohol refractometer is brand new and unused and includes: Refractometer Screwdriver for calibration Pipette for dropping samples on to the prism Instructions


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