Textile Moisture Meter DM200T

৳ 18,500.00

  • Digital Textile Moisture Meter
  • Model: DM200T
  • Ideal for Textile, Clothing, Spinning, Viscose, Leather, etc.
  • Quick and Accurate Result


The textile moisture meter DM200T is a high-performance and digital moisture testing equipment by our company based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology. The instrument adopts a high-frequency principle, digital display, sensors, and main body together as one, equipped with ten gears is used to measure different kinds of Cotton Clothes, Yarn, etc. This moisture meter has high precision measuring instruments and is small in size, light-weight, and portable for on-site testing. Textile industry testing of moisture in the production process of the ideal instrument.

High-Performance Digital Textile Moisture Meter DM200T, Result in 1 Second. 

  • Its integrative design is convenient to carry outside for testing.
  • Digital display with back light gives exact and clearly reading although you stay at the somber conditions.
  • It is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry out for fieldwork if needed.
  • Manual off at any time.
  • Low price but high performance
Display:4 digital LCD
Measuring range :0-2% & 0-90%
Measuring condition: Temperature:0-60°C, Humidity:5%-90%RH
Resolusion:0.1 or 0.01
Accuracy: ± 0.5%n
Power supply: 9V  battery (6F22)
Dimensions: 160mm×60mm×25mm
Weight:203g (not including batteries)
China Digital Textile Viscose Moisture Meter Dm200t China Textile Moisture Meter Clothes Moisture Meter
China Digital Textile Viscose Moisture Meter Dm200t China Textile Moisture Meter Clothes Moisture Meter
  • Using electromagnetic wave detection technology, through simple contact measurement, does not damage the surface and internal structure of the object.
  • When measuring the moisture content of leather, cloth, clothing, spinning, yarn, textile, etc. the moisture content can be determined by simply attaching the probe to the instrument.
  • The measurement speed is fast, which can replace the traditional oven method, shorten the time of moisture measurement, operate the whole process in less than 1 minute, display the measured value in real-time, and greatly save the precious time of the detection personnel.
  • Dial operation is easy to use.
  • The design of the instrument is exquisite and the structure is compact.
  • Backlight LCD technology, clear display, low power consumption.


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