D-160 Handheld Homogenizer

৳ 110,000.00

  • Model: D-160
  • Brand: DLAB
  • Country of Origin: USA

Call for Order: 01712-705902



  • •  Portable, lightweight with ergonomic design ideal for manual operations
  • •  Processing volumes from 0.1-50mL or 1-250mL
  • •  Variable speed from 8,000 to 32,000 rpm
  • • 316L stainless steel shafts are fully autoclavable
  • •  Interchangeable shafts for easy dismantling and cleaning
Speed range: 8000-32000rpm
Max linear velocity: 6.3m/sec or 14m/sec
Speed set: 10 stage
Working volume: 0.1-50mL (Dispersing shaft DS-160/5)
Max. viscosity: 5000mPas
Material of Dispersing Shaft: SS 316L stainless steel, PTFE
Noise: 72 dB(A)
Protection class: IP20
Motor Type: AC carbon brush motor
Power: 160W
Voltage,Frequency: 110-120V/60Hz 220-240V/50-60Hz
Dimension [WxDxH]: 45mmx55mmx190mm
Weight: 0.54kg
Permissible ambient temperature: 0-40℃
Permissible ambient humidity: 85% RH


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